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DIY Halloween: How to Make Pumpkin Owls


DIY Halloween: How to Make Pumpkin Owls

So I’ve seen more pumpkin decorating ideas than I could possibly count this year, and many are super creative. However, this particular project really caught my eye, enough that I just made a few for my front porch at the new house we moved into. I’ve not seen anything like this pumpkin carving idea before, and it is just as cute as it looked in the video. Of course, Martha Stewart knows how to do pumpkins right! Just loving her Halloween ideas. The video starts where the owl pumpkin carving begins, but rewind for some more interesting pumpkin decorating ideas, including a punchbowl and some neat ones with string lights.

The owls are made with a regular oval shaped pumpkin, then the eyes are made from small pumpkins or gourds. If you make a few to sit together, grab a few different types of small pumpkins and gourds for eyes. Even the freckly spotted “ugly” gourds made super eyes for these owls. I always wondered what to do with those things – I’ve seen them in stores before and never knew.

For country porch decor ideas, I definitely think these owls could be just the statement to consider.Keeping the squirrels away from them once you put them out, now that’s gotta be a whole different DIY and I am looking for one right now!

Photo and Youtube video via Martha Stewart

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