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3 Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers To Try


3 Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers To Try

By now, you have probably seen the plain orange foam pumpkins lots of stores carry for crafting, including Dollar Tree and other dollar stores. However, if you are like me, you might be wondering what on earth you would do with those. They are pretty plain and cheap looking. Although I do love a good bargain, a dollar wasted is a dollar wasted.

Last week, when I was looking for pumpkin decorating ideas, I came across this gem of a video that shows you exactly what to do with those cheap-o pumpkins at the dollar store, give them a makeover with creative flair. This Vlogger shows you exactly how to do just that, with step by step instructions for transforming basic craft pumpkins into mini works of art. Learn how to embellish, paint and decorate three different ways for some inexpensive but cool Halloween decor. My favorite is the floral painted pumpkin, but I also love the textured pink ones. Pretty sure I will be making all three this weekend. How about you?

Check out this pumpkin decorating video and see which you like best.

DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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