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20+ DIY Halloween Decor Ideas


20+ DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

It’s pretty rare to find so many ideas in one place, but sharp-dressed, fast-talking SS Sniper Wolf has done it again! There are so many Halloween Decor Ideas in this Youtube video I found my head was spinning as I was talked through each image with Sniper Wolf”s riveting  Hip Hop street-smart banter. This video is a smorgasbord of cool DIY Halloween Ideas.i found the perfect DIY for our house, I let the kids vote and we all decided on the spooky backlit silhouettes in all our front windows. I had them printed out and it suited our house perfectly. There were so many that were cool though, it was a really difficult choice.

The most striking Halloween image I had ever seen was an old Victorian house covered in beautifully carved Jack-O-Lanterns, I won’t be trying that one, but it was awesome to look at. A few of my favorites were the Strong Man Pumpkin, where each pumpkin was a rippling muscle, making something between the Michelin Man and The bouncer at the Bada Bing Club down the road from me.

Pumpkin Strong Man

Then there was the fabulous Snake Mat idea, someone had literally purchased a bagful of rubber snakes and stuck them underneath and all around the doormat, so hilarious.

Snakes Mat


I almost died when I saw a bunch of skeletons loitering around a house and climbing a ladder trying to get into a bedroom window. I had seen those skeletons at JoAnn’s Fabrics where I could use a coupon to get a bunch of them at a good price, so that was a definite maybe. There was one project in the video where someone just dug a hole in their yard and put LED lights inside, then put an old pallet on top with hands coming out, definitely doable. There was the hilarious Pumpkin Massacre, that was a cute tableau of a gardener pumpkin going a bit crazy with his mowing, loved this one but involved a lot of carving. Also, the spooky ghosts made of plastic paper dancing round an LED faux fire was super cute. One of the most hilarious and genuinely spooky ideas was to print out a picture of Pennywise the clown and cut it to fit the size of the street drain outside your house. Boy, that would scare everyone driving by, but it may be a little too realistic, remember safety first at Halloween always!

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