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Dollar Tree Halloween Hacks


Dollar Tree Halloween Hacks

I love Dollar Tree so much It’s where I buy all my decorations for every season. I had been poking around Dollar Tree for the past week and saw so many cute things, in fact, I was seeing so many possibilities I got a little overwhelmed. So I was jumping with DIY Joy when I found this Youtube video of 3 fantastic Halloween projects. They especially great for my needs because I recently purchased a Cricket Machine and couldn’t really decide what I should use it for first, the possibilities are so endless with the Cricket machine, I have been dying to use mine.

these simple Dollar Tree projects were all so awesome I decided to make all three projects in the tutorial. I started with the gorgeous Halloween Witch Feet Wreath, all the materials were under 10 dollars and so easy to find in Dollar Tree. I just needed a wire wreath frame, a string of garland, and some little Halloween witch signs that had stakes on them for the yard. I wrapped the garland around the wreath metal frame, then just hot glued the witch signs to the fluffy wreath. I immediately hung it on my front door and it looked adorable,  I knew the kids were going to be so excited when they got off the bus.

I got out my Cricket machine for the next two projects, a Harry Potter Flag made of 2 placemats stuck together, with the Harry Potter fraction logo made the Cricket. It turned out super cute and my daughter was going to be so excited.

Harry P Flag

Then I started the Harry Potter frame project and got to use my Cricket machine again. This project turned out so cute I put it on my daughter’s bedroom wall, where it’s bound to have a permanent home because she is going to love it!


Harry P Frames 2

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