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4 Ways To Make A Scrunchie


4 Ways To Make A Scrunchie

Are you looking for some quick easy ways to make scrunchies? I found this Youtube tutorial that guides you through 4 different methods of scrunchie making. Three traditional sewing methods and the last one is a no-sew using a Mason Jar and glue. The project maker uses Crazy Glue, but I would definitely use a fabric glue like Fabri Tac or Liquid Stitch. Also, remember if you are doing the no-sew method using glue, use a thick fabric like cotton broadcloth, knit, or faux fur because the glue will bleed through and stiffen silk or satin. These methods are so easy and anyone can do pull this off.

Scrunchies are the easiest way to keep your hair nice and tidy and they also look great. I wanted some silk scrunchies because normal hair ties were breaking my hair and I found out many others were having this problem and there were products on the market to deal with this. It turns out that satin scrunchies are the newest nighttime necessity. You can preserve your blow out or favorite style using a gentle, frictionless ponytail while you sleep. The silk enables the scrunchie to glide through your hair without pulling breakage and irritation. It is most excellent for preventing mid-shaft breakage brought on from conventional hair ties. It’s also really comfortable to sleep on and doesn’t give you those hurting pressure points, that cotton, more bulky scrunchie could cause.

Here is where you can use the no-sew instructions because there is a big need for the bulkier scrunchies too.

No sew Scrunchie

I have to address the need for a bulky cotton scrunchie because they serve a wonderful purpose for thinning or fine hair. I had a friend in the ’90s who had very thin, baby fine hair. You could never tell and her hair always looked very glamourous. What was he secret? The thick scrunchie! She would pile her hair on top of her head, then messily put the scrunchie in and arrange all the wispy pieces. I gave her that Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Schiffer’s supermodel look. The bulky scrunchie was beefing up the hair content actually on the head. I hope everyone enjoys and appreciates these scrunchies, this is one tutorial that will stay with you forever, like riding a bike.

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