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DIY Horseshoe Boot Rack


DIY Horseshoe Boot Rack

I saw one of these Horseshoe Boot Racks last time I was in Luckenbach, Texas and I absolutely fell in love with it! I have wanted one for our family boots for a very long time. Then I gave my Son a graduation party and he has a wide variety of friends who are doing all kinds of interesting things, like hobbies and also unique fields of pursuit. His one friend Sam and I got to talking and I started telling Sam about the boot rack I had seen in Luckenbach and he said, he was doing welding part-time and that he would be more than happy to forge one for me! I wanted to know all the details step by step of how this Horseshoe Boot Rack is made and what he told me was nothing short of amazing. First, he described how the horseshoes are spot-welded together. So, this was basically where you could make this any size to fit any amount of boots.

Horseshoe 2

Then he said he described to me all the components that needed to fabricate this beauty. Rebar sides, spot-welded horseshoes, Feet, and plain rebar cut in the length you need.


From here, he said you just assemble it like the photos on Etsy, or like the one in the Pioneer Shop In Luckenbach, Texas. He said it was only going to take a couple of days to make and that he already all the components for fabrication. He just needed to finish his finals. Bless his heart, I said, take all the time you want, I so appreciate you telling me all this awesome information. I rearranged the entire Mud Room and painted a Cowboy Sunset Mural on the far wall. This is going to be a massive addition to our lives, no more dirty cowboy boots laying all over whether we come in from riding the range or getting caught in the rain at the grocery store. I love this project!

 If you want to buy one of these boot racks instead of making, head on over to this Etsy shop and check out the ones for sale here. Image credit: Rustic Hooks and More Etsy shop 



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