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How To Make Beer Can Switch Plates


How To Make Beer Can Switch Plates

I was at a Houston Astros pre-game party last week and our host had this fabulous Beer Can Switchplates. They looked so professionally done I assumed he had bought them in a specialty shop, but my assumption was totally incorrect because when I asked him where he bought them, he laughed so hard. I said, why are you laughing? He then pulled out his phone and showed me the most amazing Youtube tutorial of a man making these DIY Beer Can Switch Plates, in a few short minutes. The instructions were really simple to follow, the Youtuber just cut out the mid decorative section out of the can and flattened it out. Then he sprayed the back of his flattened out can fabric with adhesive and stuck the switch plate face down on top of it.

Beer Switch Plate 4

Then he just bent the beer can into the grooves, very tightly using a pen. Then carefully rolling the corners on the table.

Beer Can Switch Plate 5

The results are nothing short of amazing. When my husband went on his annual fishing trip I wanted to create a big surprise for him when he got home. so I watched the video over and over to really make sure I got down all the nuances of completing this project successfully. I went into my craft room and worked feverishly for a few exciting hours and came up with a gorgeous result, I used all Bud Light Cans, his favorite! Then the real moment of truth came when I installed them all over his game room. They looked so amazing, I did all the plug plates in the beer motif as well. When he arrived home with his buddies and they were tired and cold from the trip, so I told them there was a crockpot full of Deer Chili in the game room that had their name on it. They followed the aroma down the hall and when they walked in they all started hopping and hollering. It’s safe to say this project was a slam dunk!

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