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Learn To Make Patchwork Quilted Star Ornaments


Learn To Make Patchwork Quilted Star Ornaments

Moving house can be very stressful, the worst is trying to account for every little thing you own and making sure it gets to its destination. Recently I moved and was so excited to be able to have Christmas in my new place, but when I went to look for my Christmas Ornaments in the garage, there were nowhere to be found. I was sick inside, I do not know how it happened but I lost all my Christmas Ornaments. There was no point in playing the blame game, there were too many variables, too many things could have happened, so the only thing to do was to get cracking on my new Christmas Decor. So many of my ornaments were handmade, for years we toiled over these homemade gems we lost, but never fear Youtube was here! The first ornaments I chose to make were just like the ones my Mom and I made years ago, they were Patchwork Quilted Stars. I was so glad to find this Youtube tutorial because my Mom was an expert quilter and she guided me through this process, and honestly, my sewing skills are ok, but I needed basic directions. I first started by gathering my materials.

DIY quilted patchwork star Christmas ornament

Then I cut my pieces and sewed the star pattern together, then sewed the two stars, right sides together, turned it right side out then stuffed the star with batting through the opening I left on one of the sides. When the quilted star was stuffed, I sew the opening shut by hand, (you can use fabric glue if you are in a hurry).

Learn ti make a DIT quilted star Christmas ornament

These DIY quilted stars turned out better than I could hope for. I made 20, now I’ve got to find at least 20 more tutorials to fill up my tree!

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