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DIY Ball Ornament Christmas Tree


DIY Ball Ornament Christmas Tree

I love silver and gold Christmas Ornaments, so when I saw this DIY Mini Ornament Tree, I fell in love. When they said it was going to be cheap and easy, boy did they mean cheap and easy! Seriously, this is the kind of DIY project where you get a styrofoam cone and add whatever you have, a few sprigs of greenery, a bow, some glittery letters, and Christmas balls, really whatever you fancy will work perfectly for this awesome DIY Christmas Ball Wreath. You will need a pair of plyers and a hot glue gun, no getting around this I’m afraid. If you bought all these items from Dollar the total would be less than Ten Dollars. I started by getting one of my Dollar Tree burner covers and spray painting it gold.

Learn to make this DIY Christmas Ball Mini Tree for under ten dollars from the Dollar Tree

Then I arranged eleven ornaments in a circle and pulled out my trusty Hot Glue Gun and carefully glued together the sides to form a ring.

Learn to make a DIY Mini Tree with Christmas Balls and a hot glue gun

Then I repeated that ring making process over and over, using one less ball for each graduating ring.

Make a cheap easy Dollar Tree mini Ornament Christmas Tree with a glue gun

Then when I got down to 3 ornaments on the top ring, I glued one ornament right on top. Then I placed a beautiful Christmas Star on top and hot glued the entire thing back on to the burner cover I had spray painted. to in my entryway. I have marble floors and it really looked amazing next to them. I tilted one of my track light cans directly at the tree and it was so shiny and beautiful, everyone loved it.



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