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DIY Pinecone Paper Ornament


DIY Pinecone Paper Ornament

When it comes to saying Merry Christmas, nothing speaks louder than pinecones. I have so many pinecones scattered throughout my house during the Christmas Season, I really can’t get enough of them. When I saw this DIY Pinecone Ornament tutorial on Youtube I couldn’t believe how easy they were and they looked like they are quilted and loads more difficult than they actually are because they are just small styrofoam eggs from Michael’s Craft Store with little card stock pieces of cut paper pinned on. I started my project by laying out the materials I was going to use for my DIY Paper Christmas Pinecones and luckily I had a few styrofoam eggs leftover from Easter and of course, I always have card stock and pins so I was ready to go. I first cut all my small pieces of card stock then folded the top in a sort of pointy triangle shape so the piece resembled a house shape, square at the bottom and pointy at the roof part.

Learn to make this cheap easy DIY Pinecone Ornament out of paper and a styrofoam egg

Then I just followed the simple instructions to pin these paper cut out bits to the styrofoam egg, leaving the points sticking out.

Try this simple easy cheap Pinecone Ornament DIY

These simple DIY Pinecone Christmas Ornaments turned out better than I even imagined! The more I made the more I wanted to make, so when the kids got home from school they were totally eager to grab a styrofoam egg and a pair of scissors and join in. This is definitely the kind of project you can involve the whole family in, we loved it!

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