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DIY Water Bottle Christmas Tree Luminary


DIY Water Bottle Christmas Tree Luminary


Recycling is a big thing in our home and when I find a DIY utilizing all those discarded bottles I start jumping for joy. This DIY Water Bottle Christmas Tree Luminary project is one such project that literally had me over the Moon before I even began. I saw the Water Bottle Light Tree on Youtube and could not wait to get started because I already had lights from last year and I had a bin of old plastic water bottles so I was looking at my favorite kind of project, a no trip to the craft store, no cash outlay project! I started by rounding up all my water bottles, about 40 in all, then I peeled off all the labels. Then set two sections of 2 x 4 pieces of wood at each end of my tree and stacked 8 bottles across.

Learn this cheap Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree DIY

Then I removed all the caps from the plastic water bottles and put a shelf behind them so they wouldn’t slip and got out my trusty glue gun and started gluing them together along the sides.

Try a light bottle tree out of old discarded water bottles

Then I just repeated the process over and over using one less bottle per row and built them up like a pyramid. Then I made a tree trunk out of four bottles and glued it to the bottom.

How to make a DIY recycled plastic bottle light tree

Next, I added the lights simply by placing them just inside the opening of the bottle. Ther’s no glue and you can remove your lights very easily and use on another project at the end of the season. I used multi-colored light, but any color would work fine.

Try using recycled plastic bottles in this DIY cheap fun Christmas Tree Luminary

This is a cheap, easy, quick, super fun project that goes really quickly and looks fantastic.


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