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Dollar Tree Funnel Christmas Tree


Dollar Tree Funnel Christmas Tree

I made a ribbon ruffled tree skirt the other day and my friends and family we absolutely wild over it so when I found these Mini Funnel Christmas Trees made from Dollar Tree items on Youtube I knew they would be the perfect accompaniment to my tree skirt. I ran to Dollar Tree as fast as I could to get some ribbon and other materials to make this project a reality. I started by getting A three-piece funnel set, four rolls of the wired Dollar Tree ribbon (I used a beautiful Christmas plaid), and of course my trusty glue gun that gets me through all craft projects big and small. Then I just glued my three funnels together with my hot glue gun.

Learn to make a DIY Funnel Tree for Christmas from the Dollar Tree

Then I just cut all my ribbon sections, one 20 inches long piece for the bottom and some small pieces folded over to go completely around the outside.

Learn to make this DIY Funnel Tree with ribbon and 3 funnels from Dollar Tree

I just continued until I reached the top and then put my decoration on the top. I placed the DIY Funnel Tree in my entryway so its the first thing my guests see, they all go wild over it, no matter what age group they are in. My neighbor Suzie begged me to make one with her and when she showed up on our crafting day she had brought 5 of her relatives! We had a blast and crafted into the night until we got tired and had to try some Mulled Pinot Grigio to take the edge off our wonderful day.


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