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Oversized Outdoor Christmas Ball Luminaries


Oversized Outdoor Christmas Ball Luminaries

My husband said he was taking over the yard decorating this year and I was a bit skeptical, but when he showed me his idea I was blown away. He was creating a bunch of DIY Oversized Christmas Ball Luminaries and scatter them throughout the yard, it was going to look awesome! This Oversized Christmas Luminary Balls idea he had was from this Youtube video he had seen using fourteen gauge aluminum wire and a roll of chicken wire he had cut in half at Home Depot to make it easier to wrap around these spheres he created in about 20 minutes for each one, basically he just started with a simple frame and kept making circles and attaching them to each other. All the while he was just whistling away, I always know when he’s loving a project if he starts that cute whistling.

Learn to make this easy DIY Oversized giant light ball project for the yard this Christmas

Then he surrounded the aluminum 14 gauge wire sphere with chicken wire, he said he was really glad he had Home Depot cut it in half.

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Then he had already secretly purchased these awesome 300-foot strands of Fairy Lights on Amazon for $39 and he said to be careful when you unravel them, but they will work out great. You can also use ordinary fairy lights from Michaels Craft Store or The Dollar Tree, you will just have to plug them into each other to make a continuous thread-like most people normally do with their Christmas tree so it really will work fine. Do not forget to leave a courtesy tape at the end to mark your finished spot.

Lean this giant light ball lawn luminary idea

We put these all over the yard and everyone loved them, we even had passers-by coming up to the door to ask how we had done them, you guys will love this project.


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