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Crockpot Hot Chocolate Recipe


Crockpot Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot Chocolate is my favorite Wintertime drink and I was so excited when I found this Crockpot Hot Chocolate Recipe on Youtube because I love to cook in my crockpot and each day I find myself using it more and more. The slow cooking really locks the flavor inside of all the food you make in it, so I knew my favorite Wintertime beverage of hot chocolate was going to be a slam dunk. I started my new hot chocolate recipe by adding a bag of semi-sweet Toll House Chocolate Chips, one fourth cup cocoa power, one furth cup sugar, one half teaspoon vanilla flavoring, a half cup of heavy cream, and five cups of milk.

Try an easy delicious easy hot chocolate recipe in the crockpot

Then I gave it a quick stir and put the lid on and cooked on low for two hours. I added the marshmallows after the hot chocolate had been cooking for two hours and let them get super melty and delicious.

Learn to make an easy delicious easy hot chocolate recipe in the crockpot

After my marshmallows were good and melty, my lovely hit chocolate mixture was ready to serve. I realized this recipe made quite a lot so I called for my daughter upstairs and told her to call her neighborhood friends to come over and get a cup. All her friends made it over in less than ten minutes and were so excited to try this new Crockpot Hot Chocolate recipe I had whipped up. They all absolutely loved it and I put the remaining bit in sealed mason jars so they could bring them home and share the delicious hot chocolate with their Mom’s.

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