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DIY Ribbon Mesh Angel Using A Trash Basket


DIY Ribbon Mesh Angel Using A Trash Basket

Nothing says Merry Christmas louder than a beautiful Christmas Angel at the center of your table. when I was growing up I have such wonderful memories of the iconic Christmas Angles we had as lawn decorations and they always made me feel safe and protected during the joyous holiday season and though I have made a lot of DIY Christmas decorations through the years I realized I had left out the iconic Christmas Angel so I set out to do something about that. I soured Youtube and found this stunning DIY Ribbon Mesh Christmas Angel Tutorial and I knew I had to make one. I got all the materials I needed from Dollar Tree, a mesh waste paper basket, a spool of ribbon, a spool of string ribbon, ornaments and Three rolls of cheesecloth.

Learn to make a DIY Mesh Angel using a waste paper basket

Then I started my project by removing the entire base from my wastepaper basket using wire cutters, you can also use garden shears or heavy-duty scissors.

Dollar Tree DIY Ribbon Mesh Angel Using A Trash Basket and Dollar Tree Ribbon

Then I made the angel a head out of a clear Dollar Tree Ornament and covered it in the mesh cheesecloth ribbon.

Learn to make Dollar Tree DIY Ribbon Mesh Angel Using A Trash Basket and Dollar Tree Ribbon

Then I just dressed the Dollar Store Diy Christmas Tree Angel in more mesh cheesecloth ribbon and made a gorgeous halo for her head.  As much as I loved her and wanted to keep her, my Aunt was going through some hard times and I really wanted her to feel better, so as a complete gesture of love I brought her the Christmas Angel and she cried, it made her so happy… When she looked into the eyes of the sweet little angel she said, I love you, little angel, I know you are here to protect me. Then I cried, my daughter cried, we all cried. I have never made a more life-changing DIY, I really did learn the real meaning of Christmas.

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