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DIY Mini Ornament Wreaths Out Of Pipe Cleaners


DIY Mini Ornament Wreaths Out Of Pipe Cleaners

Love making easy Christmas crafts? I have made so many DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments, I just can’t get enough of them. I always keep a drawer full of floral wire and pipe cleaners on hand in the craft room in case I have children visiting or I find a new DIY ornament idea I haven’t done yet. This mini wreath ornament tutorial I found on Youtube was really great for me because I have made so many projects involving other types of ornaments, I was really ready for these pipe cleaner mini wreaths to decorate my tree. The other best thing about this project is the fact that I love Christmas Wreaths, but I always make large ones for the doors, why haven’t I thought of these cute mini wreaths before?  So to get this Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decor started I first got all my materials together, I used thick pipe cleaners and thin floral wire from Michael’s Craft Store, some rustic string to hang them with, and of course my trusty glue gun. I first started this project by wrapping a 5cm cheap Dollar Tree glass around with the floral wire, I used about for sections of wire in all.

Mini Christmas Wreath Craft

Then I secured the wire together by wrapping another piece of floral wire around the circle.

How to Make A Christmas Wreath From Pipe Cleaners

Then I got my pipe cleaners and wire cutters and started shaping the foliage on my gorgeous, cheap, easy and quick DIY mini wreath, I used green shiny pipe cleaners but any size will work fine.

DIY Christmas Wreath Ornament

Then I just decorated wit a bow and mini ball ornaments, the finished mini wreaths were beyond cute and looked fantastic on the tree!


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