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Get the best woodworking tips

How To Make A 1 Hour Mobile Workbench


How To Make A 1 Hour Mobile Workbench

I needed a workbench to do my leatherwork and I really believed I could make one very simply from simple building materials that were readily available from the hardware store. I went searching on Youtube to find a really easy workbench with simple, readable, user-friendly instructions and found a wonderful one hour workbench idea from a Youtuber named Robert J. Keller with downloadable plans that seemed so straightforward I was really excited to make this project. I knew immediately Robert designed this project with a crafter like me in mind because the workbench is just the right size, that is not too big and not too small and the very best part about it was the fact that it had these very sturdy metal wheels so you can maneuver your workspace around any place you need to have it in your garage or craft room. The 2 x 4 boards Robert uses are really a strong reinforcement for the base as well and makes hammering and sawing tough projects something that will be totally safe to execute on this workspace surface. The last thing anyone wants is a rickety table that might collapse while undertaking a tough job. Robert goes through the steps very methodically and once you have all your components in order this project should only take one hour to complete from start to finish.

First Robert cuts all his wood, but with the plans in hand, you could have everything cut at Home Depot or Lowes. Then he builds his frame with the 2 x 4 wood he has cut.

Build a one hour mobile workbench

Then he installs the steel wheels and the plywood top and all in an hour’s time.

Build quick a one hour mobile workbench with steel wheels

This workbench is amazing, I can’t wait to make it.

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