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How to Make a Face Shield


How to Make a Face Shield

With these current recommendations to wear a cloth facemask from the Surgeon General and The CDC, many people are asking how they can make and clean a mask, the answer is pretty diverse because there are all kinds of ways to make these face masks. One tutorial idea I recently stumbled upon was the actual face shield made by the awesome industrial sewing machine making company Sialrite on Youtube. The face shield is not really a face mask, but you can easily wear a face mask underneath it. The face shield is actually an entire barrier that shields your eyes and all your facial skin as well. It is a great idea if you want to be extra careful in any situation where you may be interacting with many people. The detailed free pattern and complete sewing instructions are available on the Sailrite Industrial Sewing Machine Website. You will be guided through every part of this mask-making process throughout this video tutorial and will also be given all the fabric measurements to make 144 masks if you need that many.


  • Fabric backed 1/2 inch Sew Foam
  • Clear Monofilm (4mil)
  • nylon Loop White (2 inch)
  • Nylon Hook White (2 inch)
  • Elastic White (2 inch)
  • Scribe-All Black marking pencil (for vinyl)
  • Polyester Thread
  • Patterning material (thin cardboard, paper, etc.)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Dinner plate
  • Walking foot sewing machine


In the video, you will learn how to cut your face shield pattern and assemble it for sewing.

Make a face shield mask with a sailrite industrial sewing machine

Then you will learn to sew your face shield together with detailed instructions.

Make a plastic shield face mask with a Sailrite Machine

This mask is excellent for the ultra-cautious people out there.

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