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How To Make Compost Properly


How To Make Compost Properly

Compost is not only an eco-friendly way to recycle, but it will make your plants very happy. When I found this awesome Youtube video by Australian Gardening I knew I had found the perfect plan to get expert advice to help grow all those plants in my small food garden in Texas. The Australian gardener tells you simple ways how to make and maintain perfect compost in addition to all the pitfalls you may have along the way and how to avoid them. From start to finish the Australian gardener explains that you need a compost bucket (or bin) with a cut-out bottom so you can wedge it right into the soil so it can draw nutrients. You also want to dig into the soil a ways before putting it down because you need to create a blockade so opportunistic vermin might be looking to raid your lovely compost.


  • A large bin with a hollowed-out bottom (so the compost can be exposed to the Earth below)
  • Sticks (or small tree branches)
  • Cardboard (shredded feeds carbon into the compost as well as aerating the pile)
  • Paper (shredded)
  • Vegetable scraps (tea leaves, onion skins, orange peels, lemon peels, lime peels, eggshells, and any greens. No wheat, dairy, or meat)
  • Leaves Cuttings) from any other plants in the garden


First, you will learn how to plant your compost bin into the Earth and scatter sticks at the bottom, this will help immensely with the airflow of your compost.

Make compost with tree branches and vegetable scraps

Then you will be educated on what materials work best in compost and why they work.

Compost made with vegetable scraps, cardboard, and paper

I’m so glad I found this informative tutorial, the Australian gardener is so knowledgeable.

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