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Resin Wood Slice Stool


Resin Wood Slice Stool

This epoxy resin stool such a  is a fun project that is so impressive to look at, even if you don’t need to make one for yourself just yet. Just a few tree branches went into the making of this colorful and awesome DIY stool with gorgeous wood slices. It is so awesome the way this clever man on Youtube made the entire resin stool and set the tree branch legs directly into the resin making the most interesting design. When I watched the video and saw how the Youtuber made it,  I was mesmerized. Not sure how on earth this idea was born, but the creative effect is really nice with a spectacular wood sliced effect in the center of the stool, certainly something I would love to have in my home. The stool is epoxy resin and in the family of epoxy wooden tables you may have seen on Instagram or Pinterest but it has a real twist here there are so many sliced pieces of real tree branches instead of your regular alcohol colored run of the mill dirty pour epoxy we have seen in many places.

In The Video:

You will see the Youtuber Jedrek29t gather his sticks and branches from the garden and slice them one by one and place them in a circular mold where he arranges them very carefully and then pours in his epoxy resin.

Make a stool out of branches and epoxy resin

Then you will watch the entire process where Jedrek29t sands and bevels his stool into the most amazing product you have ever seen.

Epoxy resin stool with tree branches

This stool is amazing, I really want to make one!

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