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DIY Jeans Handbag


DIY Jeans Handbag

This is a brilliant video tutorial I found on Youtube today by Easy To Sew that describes perfectly how to make a jeans bag without a pattern. The instructions are perfect and concise in every way and the end result is nothing short of amazing. The jeans bag is made from two washes of amazing denim and is cut into the most useful box shape with a strong utility zipper. the handles of the bag are also made on the same denim and are the perfect length to be used as a handheld carry, but long enough to wear on the shoulder. The greatest thing about the length of the straps is that when worn over the shoulder the bag doesn’t fall at the hip line, it is still quite high which makes it safer to be worn in a crowd. The whole look of the denim bag is very crisp because new denim was used, but the bag would also lend itself perfectly to older recycled denim that you could get from cutting an old pair of jeans.


  • Denim
  • Lining fabric
  • Interfacing
  • A zipper
  • Thread
  • A sewing machine
  • All specific lengths can be found at Easy To Sew


In this excellent video tutorial, you will learn how to cut the pattern for this lovely bag and assemble it step by step.

Make a denim bag with a zipper

One of the best parts about this denim bag is that you are given specific instructions on how to make and install a protective and professional looking lining.

Make a denim bag with a lining

I just love this bag and it looks super easy, I can’t wait to make one!

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