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Get the best woodworking tips

DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa

get the best woodworking tips

DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa

Date: 2019-05-17 13:22:37


In this video, I made a DIY modern outdoor sofa. From 4 by 4 lumber.
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***** Plans for this ( SOFA) ********
The overall dimension of this sofa is 77.5inL x 30inD x 33.5inH
Free Sketchup:

View all my plans

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—————-Materials Used in the Video—————-
(5) 4X4 Douglass Fir Lumber (Arm legs and Structure)
2X4 Lumber
Lag Bolts
3in wood screws
1/2in and 7/16in Dowel Rod
Wood Glue
Products Used
Large Umbrella:
4k Projector
LED Lights Strip:
Threaded Stem Furniture Glides:

—————-Tools Used —————-
Saw Stop
Drill / Driver
Miter Saw
Chisel set
Cordless Sander
Glue Bottle:
Neon Orange Mallet:

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