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Sewing Tutorial: Folded Fabric Ornaments


Sewing Tutorial: Folded Fabric Ornaments

When it comes to Christmas decorating, I can’t say that I’ve ever felt I ever had too many handmade things to use. Every year, my favorites that come out of the box when I start decorating are the ones either I made or someone else did. My kids, my friends, my mom all like to give ornaments, and each year I make 20 or so to keep on hand to give as last minute gifts.

This year, I am making these folded fabric ornaments, and not only does this project work with fabric scraps if you have a big bag of those like I do, it also works well with all of those patterned holiday prints. You can coordin ate contrasting fabrics and match colors to your Christmas decor color scheme if you like.

These should be pretty with any mix of ornaments, though. Check out the step by step sewing tutorial and see for yourself. It may seem a little early to start making ornaments, but after seeing this idea, I definitely don’t think so.

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas –  Folded Fabric Ornaments

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