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DIY Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree Luminary


DIY Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree Luminary

I drink a lot of Sprite and the bottles are a beautiful Emerald color, I’m always looking for ways to upcycle all my old bottles so when I saw this simple, easy, cheap DIY on Youtube I knew I had to make it. The bottle looks so beautiful all lit up, you aren’t going to believe your eyes when you create this Sprite Bottle Christmas Tree for your home. I first started the project by cutting the ends off all my Sprite Bottles in graduated varying degrees of height, I did 6 in all.

Learn to make a cheap easy Lighted Christmas Tree out of old Sprite Bottles

Then I cut a tiny strip fringe in each of the bottles leaving it connected at the top.

Learn this cheap Sprite bottle Christmas Tree Luminary from this great DIY tutorial

Then I rolled up a piece of thin cardboard and wrapped it in thin parchment cooking paper to slide down the middle of my bottle openings. Then I put a dap of glue on some of the fringes of each bottle and slid them over my cardboard cylinder in the middle.

Cheapest Christmas Tree ever laern this Sprite Bottle DIY

Then I topped my Sprite Christmas Bottle Tree with a bow, you can use an ornament, a star or whatever strikes your fancy, there is no real wrong way to do this simple, easy, cheap project. I set my tree in the entryway of my home and the way the overhead light shines on it, it really makes this gorgeous luminary lit from within. My relatives arrived from the United Kingdom only to be greeted by this awesome Sprite Bottle Christmas Tree as soon as they walked through the door, they loved it and laughed heartily, remarking something like, “Only in America”, lol. Yes Sir, I said God Bless The USA!

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