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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Using An Old Ladder


DIY Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Using An Old Ladder

My husband and I recently moved to the country and we had a lot of stuff in storage and really didn’t plan for Christmas at all. I realized we didn’t have our tree the day after Thanksgiving and it was too much trouble to drive back to the city and dig through all the mountains of stuff in our storage unit to find our tree, our lights, and all of our ornaments. I was so upset and I told my best friend in the city and she asked if we had an old ladder. I said yes, not knowing why on Earth she would ask such a thing and she said, hang on I have a great idea for you. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what she had up her sleeve, then she texted me this wonderful Youtube idea on how to make a rustic farmhouse Christmas Tree using an old ladder, I giggled but I had to admit it was pretty cute and at least we would have some kind of tree. The ladder tree installation could not have been easier, not to mention cheaper than I even expected. I first put the ladder up by the dining table in our great room and added a string of fairy lights going from top to bottom on each side.

Make an easy cheap DIY Ladder Tree for your rustic farmhouse decor

Then the rest was a piece of cake! I just got some pine cuttings from the yard and hung some cute ornaments I found at the local thrift store at varying lengths. The sky is the limit to how you choose to do this project, there really is no right or wrong way, almost everything will look great.

Make a cheap DIY Christmas Tree out of an old ladder and cheap decorations from the thrift store

My family absolutely loved this DIY Ladder Tree and I could not thank my clever friend enough.

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