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DIY Spray Paint On Water Transfer Ornaments


DIY Spray Paint On Water Transfer Ornaments

I love to make homemade Christmas decorations so when I saw this fabulous DIY Spray Paint On Water Transfer Christmas Ornament idea I knew I had to make it immediately. I have so much leftover spray paint from years of projects from years past and I had some clear ornaments from last year, so there was no real cash outlay and nothing to stop me. I first got all my materials together, plastic gloves to prevent me from being covered in spray paint, a few cans of spray paint in your choice of colors, some paper towels, a large plastic trash bag to use as a drop cloth, some popsicle sticks to help dunk my ornaments, and a large disposable plastic bowl, I used an old plastic lettuce container and it worked perfectly. Then I shook all my spray paint cans before I used them, then sprayed my paints into the water and shook the bowl a little to mix up. Don’t use the popsicle sticks to mix because the paint will cling to them.

Learn to make cheap easy DIY Spray paint Water Transfer Christmas Decorations

Then I took the caps off my clear plastic and glass ornaments and put my pinky finger inside the part where the cap was and carefully swirled it around in the water paint mixture.

Try a cheap Spray Paint DIY Christmas Decor Idea

That was it! When I withdrew my ornament from the spray paint water the paint on the ornament dried immediately so I could just set it right there on my workspace. When I got finished with all 75 purple and gold ornaments I was so excited about my new holiday color scheme. I found some purple Fairy Lights on Amazon and put them all on a faux white flocked tree and tey looked so fabulous, I displayed my tree in our bay window and it looked beautiful from the street.


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