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DIY Jewelry Box


DIY Jewelry Box

This DIY jewelry box is the perfect project for a boring day in quarantine and it doesn’t require any special materials, everything you will need for his awesome jewelry box are materials you probably already have in your craft cupboard. I was searching Youtube for just the right project I could make using all materials that I already had and I found the perfect DIY jewelry box made with newspaper and yarn that I could put all together with none other than my trusty hot glue gun. I have always believed I could build or make anything with my hot glue gun so I was super excited to start this project as soon as possible. The thing I loved most about it was the fact that it had a distinctly Seventies look with swirling, decorative arches.


  • Newspaper
  • Yarn
  • A hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • Jewels or other decorations


First, you will make all your box building tubes by rolling up pieces of newspaper then wrapping yarn tightly around each one, securing all with your trusty hot glue gun.

Make a beautiful jewelry box out of recycled materials

Then you will be guided step by step throughout the video to curve, braid, and arrange each one of your handmade newspaper and yarn tubes and construct the lovely Seventies design. Then you glue on your jewels in strategic places to accent this gorgeous box.

Make a seventies style jewelry box with newspaper and yarn with a glue gun

I’m so glad I found this newspaper and yarn DIY jewelry box project, I am going to make mine in lime green as well, so it will look super Seventies.

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