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Jagged X Layer Cake Quilt With Free Pattern


Jagged X Layer Cake Quilt With Free Pattern

Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics has to be my all-time favorite quilter on Youtube and this phenomenal jagged x quilt made from a pack of layer cake does not disappoint. Donna, as usual, offers her free pattern to this beautiful quilt idea on the Jordan Fabrics website. Now, I love quilting all year round, but especially I love quilting at the beginning of Springtime. Nothing makes the Easter holiday season more bright and homey than DIY decorative accessories made from beautiful fabric or patchwork remnants fashioned into incredible Easter holiday seasonal flair so I decided to get a Layer cake pack in a beautiful Spring-themed array of bright florals. This is a beautiful project, I just love Donna, she is a genius and I love Donna’s tutorials and if you click on the free link above, you will find many of her patterns that are also free.


  • 1 layer cake pack
  • Fabric for backing
  • Batting
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine


Donna Jordan, the quilting master, will teach you exactly how to make this quilt step by step, but there are two basic shapes here, one is the jagged blocks that will make up the center of the quilt. These are done in bigger sections and cleverly cut into these outstanding shapes.

Make a jagged x quilt with a pack of layer cake fabric pieces

Then there is the outer edge that is made from long sections comprised of small squares that are cut from large strip sections.

Use a layer cake packet to make a jagged x quilt with free pattern

I can’t wait to make this quilt for my bedroom, the abstract pattern really will look amazing with a tiny floral pattern that I have planned.

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