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Get the best woodworking tips

How I upgraded my garage floor (HUGE Difference)

get the best woodworking tips

How I upgraded my garage floor (HUGE Difference)

Date: 2021-05-23 13:45:32


I upgraded my garage floor with Husky PVC interlocking garage tiles. Now you can upgrade your garage flooring the easy way. Big thanks to @The Home Depot for sponsoring this video. Check out Husky interlocking floor tiles here

Written article on the floor tiles installation
*How much did this install cost to install the tiles? *
• (31) boxes of tiles and (1) Trim kit = $1555 + Tax

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Materials used (Affiliate Links)
• Husky interlocking garage floor tiles
• (Black tiles)
• (1) Trim kit
• Liquid nail
• Bondo
• PVC Trim for the baseboard

Tools used (Affiliate Links)
• A utility knife
• Tape measure
• Straight edge
• Rubber mallet
• knee pad
• Masonry Chisel
• Air Sander

Quick and simple Installation for the Husky floor tiles
Step 1. Clean and prep the floor surface
Step 2. Layout the first row of the tiles starts at the entry. Find the center.
Step 3. Connect the tiles in the first row using a mallet.
Step 4. Install the trim along the front, shift the row into position.
Step 5. Start the second row in the middle and work to the end.
Step 6. Install the rest of the tiles by working from left to right.
Step 7. Cut the tiles to fit at the perimeter.
Step 8. Install baseboard to cover the gap between the wall and the tile.

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